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My name is Julie Butler, and I'm a mother of four. I absolutely adore my kids, but believe me there were times when they were growing up when I wanted to strangle them.

Instead, when our two youngest were driving us crazy with their constant fighting and bickering we invented the Better Behavior Wheel.

To our delight, the Wheel put a stop to the fights overnight. So we expanded it to cover other behavioral problems, and were amazed at how effective our invention was.

Since offering the Wheel online just over two years ago, our product has helped more than 10,000 grateful parents just like yourself.

It worked for us, and I guarantee it will work for you!

Download the Wheel today and the atmosphere in your home will change overnight.

Conflict resolution becomes much easier to deal with. Families who use the Wheel report dramatic changes in their households.

Homework gets done, clothes get picked up, sibling rivalry issues (arguing and fighting) short, the Wheel produces great kids and a stress free home!

The mere presence of the Wheel will have a marked effect on your kids. Chances are, you'll seldom even have to spin it!


It's Surprisingly Simple

  • No Books to buy!

  • No Courses to read!

  • No Videos to watch!

  • No Charts to maintain!

  • No Shouting!

  • No Tears!

    Here's how it works:

    Suppose your child is guilty of leaving the lights on after leaving a room. (This was always a big one in our household. Kids have no concept of what it costs to run a household and they just take it for granted that electricity is always there and it's free.) Since you've already made it a rule that the lights are to be turned off when leaving a room, it's now time to spin the Wheel.

    Notice that you're not the bad guy here. The rule of turning off the lights was agreed to by your child. And now it's the Wheel that has to be answered to. You can be impartial in the process. You can even root for the child, hoping for an easy consequence.

    When you start the program you are faced with a list of themes, or mis-behaviors to choose from. In this case you would choose Leaving the Lights On. Each of the consequences is logically related to the wasting of electricity. This helps drive home the lesson. Remember, the Wheel is about teaching ...not punishing.

    To activate the Wheel, your child simply clicks on the Spin button. After the wheel stops spinning, a randomly generated consequence is displayed, along with a cool sound, generally of dismay.

    It's important to reward your kids for good behavior, too. So we've included a disk of rewards called Wheel of Just Desserts. We hope you get to use it a lot.

    Here's what you get with the virtual wheel:

    The Wheel - This is the download version of the wheel that you can use on your computer within minutes of placing your order.
    80 Consequences - the Wheel comes pre-loaded with 80 consequences. Use the ones included or make up ones of your own. There is an easy to use built in menu so that you can customize the Wheel for your family. When you spin the wheel, a randomly generated consequence is displayed, accompanied by an appropriate cool sound.
    8 Themes - The wheel comes with the following themes, but you may want to create your own:
  • Excessive Arguing
  • Leaving the lights on
  • Not putting things away
  • A job poorly done
  • S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g the truth
  • Taking without asking
  • Talking back
  • Wheel of Just Desserts
  • It's easy to make up your own themes and consequences if these don't fit.

    The easy configuration menu allows you to change any or all of the consequences. Simply highlight the text and type in the consequence of your choice.

    If you have more than one child you can create different, personalized sets for each child.
    For example...suppose you have kids of differing ages, and you think that the consequences for one aren't appropriate for the other. Simply install a version for each child, and customize each one differently. You could do this for every child in your household.

    Nothing else compares to the Wheel

    There are other parenting/behavior programs out there. Most of them require that you read books or manuals, or watch videos, or maintain charts with stickers and the like. Mostly they're a lot of work, and mostly they work well in theory but poorly in practice. They're just too much effort to keep up.

    The reason the Wheel is so effective is because:

  • It's simple -- Once it's set up it only requires one thing. A click of the mouse.

  • Your child helps set it up. This is really important because once your child has been invited to participate in choosing the consequences, he/she will have an investment in the process and be much more willing to give the Wheel a spin when the time comes.

  • Say Goodbye to Anger

    It doesn't matter how much we love our kids, or how much we want to be good parents. We sometimes get furious at our kids' behavior and at our own inability to deal with the situation in an effective manner.

    Get ready for a surprising discovery the next time you find yourself in this situation. Join the thousands of others who have discovered that spinning is a lot more fun -- and effective -- than getting angry.

    Have You Spanked Your Child Today???

    Whatever side of the spanking debate you're on, with the Wheel you will find that it's just not necessary. Sure, you could add a spanking consequence to the Wheel, but why would you want to?

    You'll find that drastic measures like spanking are almost never necessary if you choose consequences that are related to the misbehavior. If the misbehavior is wasting electricity,for example, choose a consequence that deprives your child of the benefits of power, such as washing underwear by hand.

    Guaranteed Results

    We're so sure that the Wheel will be a sensational solution to your parenting problems that we give you a full no-questions-asked money back guarantee (see below). There is absolutely no risk in taking the Wheel for a spin.

    "I think parents will be amazed at how quickly the Wheel triggers behavior modification. After a few spins, my cunning 4 year old quickly understood exactly what behavior was unacceptable. More importantly, she realized that discipline would be objectively and consistently dispensed. The Wheel helps parents to do a better job so their kids can be better kids. I highly recommend the Wheel."

    - Julie Joyce, Editor of the - "Safe Kids Report"

    Your Job as a Parent Becomes Easier

    No longer will you have to rack your brain trying to think up appropriate consequences
    No longer will behavior modification become an us against them issue where you are looked upon as the enemy. The wheel becomes your impartial judge and jury, making your job as a better parent that much easier.
    Kids need to know that parents are fair. It's easy with the Wheel. You get their input when you select the consequences to place on the wheel.
    Consistency is critical. Kids also need to know that inappropriate behavior will always result in remedial action. The Wheel makes this very easy for you.
    Use positive reinforcement! The Wheel also comes with a disk of rewards for when your child is especially good. This is important, especially for the younger kids. The Wheel is about behavior modification, not punishment.

    "WOW!!! I love it. The kids are already changing in just an afternoon. Peace - haven't heard that in a while. I have been dreading summer just because of the kids being home and fighting with each other more - but not now :) We are a blended family of 8 children - his, mine, and ours. It makes for very interesting visits with the whole family and a lot of getting on each others nerves at times. Thank you so very much for getting rid of the whole problem of giving unequal punishment out to the "stepchildren". (Seems like the only time that word is used is when someone gets punished.) Now it's fair - FINALLY. They choose to disobey - they choose their punishment. It's great. Now I can look forward to the summer visitations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart !!!!"

    Lisa---"A Mother's Touch Daycare"

    Click here to read more testimonials from grateful parents.

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    Is Your Child ADHD/ADD?

    Read what one mother of an ADHD child has to say about the Wheel...

    "I just wanted to let you know that your wheel is WONDERFUL!!!! I read about it on About's Special Ed and ordered it.

    My son is nine going on ten and is very ADHD.

    We were beginning to believe he was a compulsive liar and that he did not have a conscience. The first week was tough, we had to keep a "log" of consequences just to keep track, but we stuck to it and never got argument one; the change is DRAMATIC!!!! He is like a new kid!!!! He used to do things (binge sweets in the middle of the night almost every night, break things, not do his homework etc.) and then look you dead in the eye and deny and lie (it was like the lie was his reality) and pitch fits and have angry outbursts.

    Now he accepts the consequences without a blink and does not insist he is right and the bad behaviors are few and far between. My 3 year old isn't quite ready yet; she's too excited and wants to spin!!!!

    I have told my son's psychiatrist about the dramatic change and will be giving him your website to pass on. I really wish I could convey just how much easier life is and how much more hope I have for my son's future THANK YOU!!!!!!"

    Sincerely, Stephanie Albright, IA

    Our Guarantee

    We know you work hard for your money. And we want you to feel absolutely confident about your purchase.

    Just like yourself, we get dozens of unwanted e-mail spams everyday, trying to sell everything from get-rich-schemes to weight loss programs. There's too many hucksters out there trying to dig into your wallet.

    That's why we back the Better Behavior Wheel with an unconditional, no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee.

    Try it for 90 days. If after that time you decide that you're not on the right track toward well behaved kids and peace and serenity in your home just let us know and we'll refund your purchase price. No games. No tricks. And no hard feelings.

    There is NO RISK in taking the Wheel for a spin!

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